Barclay World Arrival Plus Mastercard changes

Barclay World Arrival Plus

Pretty negative changes on their way to this card soon.

I recently wrote about the newcomer Capital One Venture card and the competition it provides for my regular everyday card Barclay World Arrival Plus. With some new changes being announced for Barclay World Arrival Plus it looks like this card is definitely going to win over Barclay in the end. THESE CHANGES GO INTO EFFECT NOVEMBER 17, 2015.

The Major Changes:

  1. No more 10% miles returned back to you for each redemption you make. So when redeeming 10,000 miles for a $100 purchase, you no longer get 1,000 miles returned back to you. It will cost 10,000 miles period, not 9,000 in the end.
  2. Minimum redemption requirements are jumping from $25, to $100. This is the worst update of all for me as I tend to have a lot of smaller sized travel purchases less than $100 and now will not be able to redeem any of them anymore.
  3. Cash back redemption minimum is going up to $25- I’ve never used this so don’t particularly care
  4. Tourist attractions/activities are no longer available for travel redemption. This is another killer as I love using this card to pay for museum entrances and things like that. Guess those days are gone.
  5. No TripIt Pro membership with card- I’ve never used this so don’t particularly care.

Is there any hope?

For tourist attraction redemptions there could still be hope as long as your purchase is over $100. This will hardly happen for me, but I did find that when we had purchases not registering under the redemption categories, Barclay was very friendly over the phone in applying our redemption request still.

Is this card still worth it?

The sign up bonus is still at 40,000 miles for meeting minimum spending. It’s a pretty good offer if you have some travel expenses coming up that will be over $100 for each transaction. This is especially helpful if booking local budget airlines in foreign countries or local hotels that are not part of a chain redeemable for points. But I do not think it’s worth holding on to long-term and I will not be paying the annual fee on it. We’ll downgrade to the regular Barclay World Arrival card and stop using it on a regular basis at all.