Final Expenses- Patagonia Chile

Trip Value: $5,254.41

Actual $ Cost to us: $719.32

Miles and points we spent: 253,760

Finally a trip that we came in under budget on! I was anticipating our costs for this one being a lot higher, but because we were able to book so many things ahead of time and pay with credit cards, our points cancelled most of it out.  Chile is actually surprisingly expensive, and our meals are what added up to the majority of our costs. We got decent hotel rooms for about $50-$60 a night and our meals on average were around $20-$25. We did do some grocery shopping and that helped cut costs.

This was not only my favorite trip we’ve taken, but our cheapest one as well (excluding weekend getaways)! We loved Patagonia so much that we already want to go back and visit the Argentina side next time. And even better news, I hear Argentina is much cheaper than Chile :-).

At the time of our travel the exchange rate was approximately 700 CLP to 1 USD.

Item Miles/Points used Dollars Spent Details Actual Value Date Purchased
Flights Omaha to Santiago, roundtrip, 2 people 120,000 United (transferred from Chase Ink)

11,740 Barclay points

$0 $58.70 each in taxes. Redeemed 5,870 points for each to cancel out costs. 11,740 miles used. $3,178.00 1/4/15
Sky Airline flight Santiago to Punta Arenas 39,536 from Capital One Venture $0 Booked with Capital One Venture Card $395.85 5/24/15
Bus from Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales 8,000 CLP each

$22.75 total

Bus Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas RT 3,427 points $0 Paid with Kelly’s Capital One Venture card

Buses Fernandez 6,000 CLP per ticket

$34.27 9/24/15
LAN flight Punta Arenas to Santiago 12,00 miles from AA $22.60 total Used Capital One card $400.00 5/13/15
Camping at Vertice Grey 9,000 CLP

$15.00 $15.00 5/15/15
Camping at Torres 2,800 Barclay points $0 Used Barclay Card $28.00 5/15/15
Hilton Santiago 1 night 30,000 Hilton points $0 $179.00 6/5/15
Penguin Tour 17,065 points $0 Kelly’s Venture Card- redeemed points 60,000 CLP each

$170.65 total

Torres del Paine Bus Tour 7,110 points $0 Kelly’s Venture Card- redeemed points 25,000 CLP each

$71.10 total

Entrance to Torres del Paine National Park $18,000 CLP each

$51.20 total

Cerro Dorotea Entrance 5,000 CLP each

$14.22 total

Punta Arenas hotel 2 nights: Hostal Joshiken 10,082 points $0 Kelly’s Venture Card- redeemed points $100.82 9/22/15
Lodging Puerto Natales: Hospedaje Maria $24.89 Had to pay cash in person $24.89 9/8/15
Lodging Puerto Natales: Isla Morena 38,000 CLP


Had to pay cash in person $54.04
Taxi to Cerro Dorotea 9,000 CLP


Taxi for each way ranged from 4,000-5,000 CLP $12.80
Park Bus Transfer: Laguna Armaga to Las Torres 2,800 CLP each ticket


4 tickets total purchased $15.93
Pablo’s entrance to Chile $27.00 $27.00
Buses RT Santiago Airport to town $6.00 CentroPuerto Bus (4 tickets purchased) $6.00
Lockers for luggage at airport $24.00 3,000 CLP per small bag

4,000 CLP per medium bag

5,000 CLP per large bag

All for 24 hours

Taxis in Puerto Natales $9.24 1,300 CLP for each ride $9.24
Entrance to Pablo Neruda’s house in Santiago $9.95 5,000 per person, 2,000 for students $9.95
Metro tickets $10.00 Prices vary, approximately $1 per ride $10.00
Souvenirs $23.75 Purchased in Punta Arenas $23.75
Airport transfer to Hotel in Punta Arenas $20.00? Can’t remember the exact amount $20.00
Other Local food, lodging and transportation $116.95 Debit card withdrawls and cash exchange $116.95
Food paid with credit card $268.64


Parking at Omaha airport $45.00 $45.00
GRAND TOTAL 253,760 points/miles $719.32 $5,254.41