$50 off $100 hotel purchase at Orbitz and last day to activate 5% bonus for Chase Freedom

Today is a big day for the credit card travel world. Orbitz just posted a great deal for anyone looking to book a hotel in the upcoming months. From now through December 31st, you can search for an eligible hotel on Orbitz.com using the code MASTERPASS. I would recommend doing this sooner rather than later as it’s highly likely the hotels will get taken prior to December 31st.

Anyone who has a mastercard can use the card to pay at checkout. To find an eligible hotel simply go to Orbitz.com. Type in your dates and location (Dates must be prior to June 30th, 2016) and enter MASTERPASS in the promocode field.

Orbitz Hotel 2

Hit search and on the following page of all the hotels look for “promo code eligible” in green writing. The hotel cost must be a minimum of $100 for the code to apply so if you can find a hotel for just over $100 you’ll get a great deal of 50% off. Good luck!

Orbitz Hotel

Today is also the last day to activate your Chase Freedom card for 5% bonus points in the Jan-Feb-Mar categories. These offer 5% off for any gas station purchases or local transport as well. The 5% bonus applies for the first $1,500 spent and don’t forget that you can load up on gas gift cards as well! I do this to maximize the $1,500 spending and then use the gift cards throughout the rest of the year. This works well for anyone who has a usual location they always purchase gas from. Activate today to get the 7,500 bonus points available to you through these purchases!

Chase Freedom