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Awesome Manufacture Spend Updates for free travel

Credit cards with high sign up bonuses are the key to scoring countless free flights around the world. But the challenge of signing up for all these cards is that to get the… Continue reading

International First Class Flying- FREE

One of my least favorite aspects of travel is spending multiple hours cramped in a seat on a plane. They’re never the most comfortable and I have a tough time sleeping on them.… Continue reading

Cruising for a deal

A couple weeks ago my family returned for a week long Caribbean cruise together on Royal Caribbean. We had such a great time coming together from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Nebraska to spend… Continue reading

Our Very Own Southwest Companion Pass!

By far this is the best travel deal I’ve scored yet. The Companion Pass by Southwest is one of the most valuable flight perks you can get. It can be extremely difficult to… Continue reading

Southwest Additional Perks

Hopefully you know by now what a huge Southwest fan I am. And if my top four reasons weren’t enough, here are some other added bonuses as well. Rapid Rewards Partners. Did you… Continue reading

Top Four Reasons Southwest is the Best

While traveling internationally has many different options when it comes to airlines and which are the best to take, domestic travel is a piece of cake. Southwest is absolutely the way to go.… Continue reading

Reward Mileage Requirements

When determining which airline will give you the best reward travel, it’s important to be familiar with some of the standard mileage requirements. For example, did you know that ANY domestic flight within… Continue reading

Anatomy of a Reward Seat

Free flights sound great in theory- but one tricky part of navigating them is to find an open reward seats that fit your travel dates. This is something I always caution people getting… Continue reading

Southwest Companion Pass

For any of you out there who are more interested in domestic travel than international, Southwest can be a great airline to build miles on! Chase cards transfer points directly to Southwest miles… Continue reading