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Amazon Jungle Tour: Part III

Read about part I of our adventure here Read about part II of our adventure here The next morning we woke up to a new day. I was hopeful as one great thing… Continue reading

Amazon Jungle Tour: Part II

Read about part I here: Amazon Jungle Tour Part I After evacuating our original lodge location, we headed back out into the boats to go 30 minutes further down the river, deeper into… Continue reading

Amazon Jungle Tour: Part I

The Amazon jungle is something I have been fascinated with ever since childhood. I loved learning about all the larger than life plants, their dangers and uses, the poison arrow dart frogs, the… Continue reading

Belen- Iquitos, Peru. Not the typical tourist destination

Iquitos itself is not the nicest city to visit. And the Belen part is perhaps the most famous part of the city for its poverty. We had not originally planned on visiting it… Continue reading

ACOBIA-DWAZOO Manatee Rescue Center- Iquitos, Peru

When researching activities to do in Iquitos, there are really only a handful of suggestions that repeatedly come up. Our main reason for traveling to Iquitos was to use it as a launching… Continue reading

International First Class Flying- FREE

One of my least favorite aspects of travel is spending multiple hours cramped in a seat on a plane. They’re never the most comfortable and I have a tough time sleeping on them.… Continue reading

Isla de los Monos (Monkey Island)

  This by far topped our list as one of our most favorite aspects of our Peru trip! Who doesn’t want to go to an island dedicated entirely to rehabilitating monkeys and the… Continue reading

Cuzco, Peru

Cuzco is definitely on our list of destinations we would return to! Just a short one hour flight from the capital, Lima, it’s a beautiful tourist town. We were there in August which… Continue reading

How to Pack for the Inca Trail

When researching all kinds of information for the 11 months leading up to our Inca Trail trek it became clear that we wanted to make sure we had all the things in our… Continue reading

Trekking the Inca Trail: Part Two and MACHU PICCHU!!!

Days 1 and 2 on the Inca Trail were down and that meant days 3 and 4 were supposed to be easier. We still decided to hire a porter for day 3 and… Continue reading