What’s In My Wallet?

I caught the travel bug at a young age and it hasn’t left me yet. I absolutely LOVE to travel and am always planning our next trip and researching our next adventure. But… Continue reading

Never Use Your Debit Card Again

“Never use your debit card for purchases.” I WISH someone had given me that advice years ago when I opened a new bank account and got my first debit card. I felt all… Continue reading

Frugal Fun

“How do you liveĀ  on such a limited entertainment budget?” That’s a question I’m faced with a lot, especially with lots of pressure from others to spend time with them aka spend money… Continue reading

Our Bizarre Budget- the facts

I always find it so funny when I tell people about our travel plans and they respond with, “Wow, I wish I could afford to travel. There’s just no way I have enough… Continue reading

25 Things to Do When Married By 25

There have been many articles and blogs going around on relationships. And for the most part, I’ve found they speak the same language- live your life, be free and don’t settle for anything… Continue reading

Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff (March 2013)

Chimney Rock was up next after Carhenge. This famous landmark on the Oregon trail was apparently something that the travelers looked for during the trek. We stopped at the Visitor’s Center and paid… Continue reading

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The current focus of this site is travel and all the details that go into planning a perfect trip. My goal is to provide a review of the locations we visit including the… Continue reading

What’s up next?

We’ve been so many places this year already it’s hard to believe it’s not over yet! We still have a few more to look forward to November 2015: Visiting Patagonia in Chile January… Continue reading

About Us

I love how global our world is becoming in the ease of access to stay connected across cities, states, countries and even continents. With so many family and friends across the world, I… Continue reading

Carhenge (March 2013)

Ever since moving to Lincoln for college in 2007, I have wanted to explore the famous “Carhenge” in western Nebraska. Last year that wish finally came true! Over Easter weekend Pablo and I… Continue reading